SKB PACIFIC has provided piping materials and plant equipment in compliance with various client's needs.
Our scope of activity ranges from supplying full piping packages to added value services.
SKB PACIFIC has established enough experience and gradually expanded our business area starting as a sole agent of SungKwang Bend, one of the largest pipe fitting manufacturer, especially for Japanese market and clients.
With support from well-experienced leading manufacturers and our excellent human resources,SKB PACIFIC is continuously expanding business into the all related piping materials and equipment.
SKB PACIFIC has been supplying piping bulk packages worldwide which include pipe & tube, plate, fitting, flange & forging, valve, bolt & nut, gasket, ejector, mixer, strainer, 3-layer coating, piping spool, heat exchanger, etc. as well as providing a small quantity of materials to customers who require urgently.
Currently we provide our services and products towards worldwide Chemical, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, and Energy industries with extensive experiences and accumulated knowhow.
Our goal is to remain a global leading company and most trustworthy channel in piping business by supplying high-quality products and services, through continuous improvement.
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